Hound Haven Hotel

The Ideal Dog Getaway

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$32 per night for one dog

ALL INCLUSIVE (includes tax)

$15 per night for second sibling in same suite

(Cash or Check Only)

Nightly Rate includes:

  • Elevated bed
  • Comfy mattress and comforter
  • Soothing music
  • Climate controlled-heat and air
  • Walks on our 10-acre property
  • Group play time
  • Administration of medications (no injections administered)

We want your dog to stay healthy and stress-free while they are vacationing with us.  We DO NOT supply food for their meals, but would be happy to put on our chef hat and prepare and serve what you bring for them!   Please always pack extra food in case your trip is delayed.

*Drop off in am and pick up in pm: $15 charge per dog or $25 for more than two*